Terms of service(2020.10.16)

The terms of service (TOS) listed on this page only apply to the public services provided by nuoxian. For any site / organization / individual who violates the terms, we have the right to clear their account / data / stop providing services to them.

Use of the services provided by us is deemed to be your agreement to these terms; if you do not agree to these terms, please immediately terminate your use of any services provided by us.

Service address:https://api.nxvav.cn

Blacklist address:https://nxvav.cn/apifirewall.html

Service status address:https://api.nxvav.cn/status/

1、This service is free of charge and must be used in accordance with the laws and regulations of the region and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

2、It is not welcome to use this service by copyright station / advertisement station / information collection station.

3、If your site has a large number of API calls, it is recommended that you build your own services.

4、If your site due to various reasons lead to a large increase in API load, we may stop providing services to your site.

5、If your site returns 403 error when referring to API, your site has been added to the blacklist. If you need to explain the situation, please contact by email.

6、Due to the cost of the server, this service is likely to stop providing support in the future. Please do not rely too much on this service.

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